Mission: Impossible at Preikestolen

Hanging on to the cliff edge with only four fingers and fighting to avoid the 604-metre drop, Tom Cruise introduces the world to Preikestolen in one of this year’s biggest blockbusters. Western Norway Film Commission is proud to have hosted what critics have labeled as one of the most daring action scenes in film history.

Preikestolen is a hallmark of the fjord landscape, and one of its greatest and most popular tourist attractions. Needless to say, it's a logistically challenging location, with no road access or basic infrastructure in place. 

Western Norway Film Commission supported the initial location survey and feasibility analysis. A solution-oriented approach from all affected parties - from the local municipality of Forsand, the county of Rogaland, the foundation protecting Preikestolen, and others - opened the way for the production. The Norway shoot was service produced by Truenorth and line producer Per Henry Borch, and received support from Norway's 25% Cash Rebate

Celebrating the film and its local impact, Mission: Impossible - Fallout premiered in Norway with a spectacular outdoor screening on location at Preikestolen. The premiere was an initiative from the local municipality, the Preikestolen foundation, the regional and national tourism partners; Fjord Norway, Visit Norway - and of course Paramount Pictures. 

What started as a screening for the local community, ended up as a global media event with Tom Cruise himself greeting the audience and his global followers. Newspapers and blogs from all continents reported from the screening, as well as key entertainment industry trades (Hollywood Reporter, Deadline Hollywood, Indiewire, The Location Guide).

See photos (copyright: Grim Berge) from the premiere screening here: