«Quo Vado» Film Tourism Hit

Film tourism is one of the factors behind a whopping increase of 39% in Italian visitors to Norway this summer. 

Quo Vado shot in and around Bergen last summer, and put Norway at the very heart and center of a box office sensation and cultural phenomenon that has an impact way beyond the movie theatres. After its Italian release in January 2016, Quo Vado went on to break multiple box office records and gross more than €65 million. The Checco Zalone-starring comedy became Italy's biggest ever domestic film, luring millions into the movie theatres and, as it seems, luring quite a few onwards to Norway. 

According to figures from Statistics Norway, Norway saw an overall increase of 14% in tourism from key international markets this summer, thanks to successful marketing campaigns, a favourable exchange rate and growth in Asian markets. Italy stands out at a stellar 39% increase, likely boosted by Quo Vado and the adventures of Checco.

Quo Vado reunites writer-actor-comedian Checcho Zalone with director Gennaro Nunziante and producer Pietro Valsecchi. Checco Zalone may be little known outside Italy, but has previously starred in two other record-grossing Italian films, both directed by Nunziante and produced by Valsecchi for Taodue Film: 2013's Sun in Buckets (Sole a catinelle) and 2011's What a Beautiful Day (Che bella giornata).

Checco Zalone on a stroll in Bergen. (Press photo).

Checco Zalone on a stroll in Bergen. (Press photo).