Film Incentive Update and Review

Norwegian Film Institute will open for applications for the 25% film incentive on September 1st 2016, and the application deadline is set for January 2017. Production costs assumed in Norway after confirmed receipt of the application will qualify for the cash back. The program cap will be announced in the State Budget, expected October 6th 2016.  

The film incentive was introduced in January 2016, and Norwegian Film Institute earlier this year commissioned Olsberg SPI, a London based creative industries strategy consultancy, to evaluate the incentive's impact. Speaking at a seminar at the Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund on August 22nd, Olsberg SPI's Andrew Barnes presented the interim findings, recommending an expansion of the programme. 

Since January 2016, the incentive has supported NOK 198 million in film production, generating NOK 105 million in employee compensation, NOK 33.3 million in taxes and NOK 76 million in gross value added. The incentive has supported around 1000 Norwegian businesses and suppliers. 

Olsberg-SPI is currently finalising the data through consultations and evaluation. It is anticipated that a full report will be available in September.