Film incentives to increase in 2017

Norway announced its state budget for 2017 today, and will set aside NOK 56 million (approximately USD 7 million) for the 25% film incentive, up from NOK 45 million in 2016. The incentive aims to encourage large budget productions to film in Norway, and comes in addition to funding programmes for domestic production and co-production.

The 2017 state budget has allocated NOK 495 million (USD 61.5 million) for the film institute's funding programmes for the domestic production sector, as well as NOK 76 million (USD 9.5 million) for regional film funds and film centres. The regional film funds can be combined with the film incentive. 

The Norwegian Film Institute administers the film incentive, and has announced that the application deadline is January 26th 2017. In 2016, its inaugural year, the film incentive attracted productions such as The Snowman (Working Title, Universal Studios) and Downsizing (Paramount Pictures) to shoot on location in Oslo, Rjukan, Nordmøre and Bergen; Lofoten and Bergen respectively. 

While taking a cautious approach, the increased funding confirms Norway's commitment to gradually build a competitive and sustainable production environment. 

The state budget is subject to parliamentary approval.