Using Drones in Norway

Please visit Norway's Civil Aviation Authority for the current regulations and definitions. An unofficial translation of the regulations is available here.

A list of certified drone operators in Norway can be found here

Please feel free to contact Western Norway Film Commission if you are looking for professional drone operators or aerial filming services. 

Drones are subdivided in three categories:

RO1 Dropes with a take-off weight of maximum 2.5 kilograms and with a maximum speed of 60 knots (111 km/h). Drones of the R01 category must have a fail-safe function. 

RO2 Drones with a take-off weight of maximum 25 kilograms and a maximum speed of 80 knots.

RO3 All maneuvers exceeding previous specifications.

Simple operations (lower than 120 meters altitude) with smaller RO1 drones can be carried out without approval from the Civil Aviation Authority, if: 

-during daylight hours, and at altitudes lower than 120 metres above ground or water. 
-more than 150 metres distance from people, motor vehicles or buildings not controlled by the aircraft operator, except during take-off and landing.

Display flying may only take place if authorised by the CAA Norway. For use of RO1, pilots have to make a statement that they adhere to the relevant rules. The statement can be found on the web site of the Civil Aviation Authority. The operator must prepare an operations manual (OM) that describes the planned operations. Once the declaration form is sent to the CAA and one receives a receipt message from our archive, the operator can commence operations.

Flights in categories RO 2 and RO 3 requires a license / authorisation from CAA Norway.