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Available crew in Western Norway

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Working with a Norwegian crew

Norwegian crew speaks fluent English, and often a second foreign language. Norway has seen an influx of international co-productions in recent years, and even Norwegian film sets are oftentimes run in English. 

Norway produces about 25 feature films (fiction) per year with a budget range of NOK 15 to NOK 100 million ($2m - $12m), as well as 7-10 minority co-productions. Over the years, Norway has garnered a reputation of delivering high production value on modest budgets.   

Norwegian film crews are committed, flexible, and well organised, which allows for smaller crews compared to European standards. Norwegian crews have a high work ethic. In Norway in general, punctuality is very much appreciated both for business and for social occasions. You will find that Norwegians arrive for appointments on time, and oftentimes a few minutes early. 

In general, the Norwegian film industry is very budget-conscious: With a population of just five million, domestic film budgets are small. As a positive consequence production crews, vfx and post-production teams are extremely efficient and creative. 

Hours and rates

Working hours for a feature film shooting day is often 10 hours: 7,5 normal hours, 0,5 hours for lunch and 2 hours at 50% overtime. This is when the working day start between 07.00 and 10.00. The normal work period goes from 6AM to 9PM when working on location or shooting exteriors. In a studio the normal work period is between 07:00 and 18:00.

When working night hours the time between 9PM and midnight is compensated with 50%, and nighttime between midnight and 6AM is compensated with 100%.


Weekdays Monday to Friday after 7,5 hours + 0,5 hours lunch, you will have to pay overtime as follows:

3 first hours: + 50%
3 next hours: + 100%
For more than 6 hours of overtime: + 200%

Saturdays the first 10 hours is 50%, and the next hours 200%
Sundays the first 10 hours 100%, and the next hours 200%

When working on an overnight location for a minimum of 5 days, where the crew is lodged at the location, you can make an agreement where you only pay overtime on the hours exceeding 37.5 hours for the week as a whole. The subsequent 15 hours should be paid +50%.

The turnaround is 10 hours of rest, but less when compensated 200% overtime.


Rates are daily and vary depending on the experience of the crew (depending on 0, 3, 6 and 10 years experience). Fringes are set at 26% if the crew member is employed, and at 20% if the crew member has her/his own company. Please note: Crew members that are members of the Norwegian Film Union will receive an additional 2% pension plan on their fringes.

Overall agreements can be made for assignments exceeding 3 months.

For information on current rates we recommend that you contact a Norwegian line producer. A couple of basic rates, as per the film union agreement of May 2016, will give you a ballpark figure:

Production manager with 10 years experience: NOK 3920
Production designer with 10 years experience: NOK 3920
Location manager with 10 years experience: NOK 2784
Gaffer with 10 years experience: NOK 2603
Boom operator with 10 years experience: NOK 2373
Production Assistant: NOK 1460

Allowances are set as follows:

Per diem, overnight location: NOK 710
Deductions if included: 
-Breakfast: NOK 142
-Lunch: NOK 213
-Dinner: NOK 355

Mileage: NOK 4,10 per km.


The standard is a single room with bathroom / wc. Exceptions can be made where the location does not permit single rooms for all crew, however this is subject to a compensation, and requires a special agreement with the union representative.


Travel time from the accommodation to the location should be compensated if it exceeds 12.5 km or 15 minutes as per hourly rates, but this does not count towards overtime. 

Travel to location

Travel time to the location is compensated at a rate equivalent to the standard hourly rate, when the distance from the production office to the location is more than 25 km (15.5 miles), or it takes more than 30 minutes to drive.

Travel time is not compensated if it is less than 25 km from the crew's residence to the location. 

Where are crews based?

Most feature film film crews are based in Oslo, some in Bergen, Ålesund and the west coast, and a few around the rest of the country.


Shorter assignments (a week or less) can be terminated without compensation if more than 48 hours notice is given. 24 - 48 hours notice: 1/3 of agreed compensation. 0 - 24 hours notice: 2/3 of agreed compensation