Norddal covers the easternmost part of the Sunnmøre area. The municipality covers an area with several distinct locations, valleys and villages. Eidsdal and Norddal in the south, Tafjord in the east with the remarkable 96 meter high Zakarias Dam, and Fjørå and Sylte in the Valldalen valley in the north. 

The unique Juvet Landscape Hotel in the Valldalen valley rose to global stardom as the key location in Alex Garland's Academy Award-winner Ex Machina (2015). 

Useful Information
Population: Approximately 1700
Hotel beds / Accommodation capacity: TBD
Distance to Ålesund: 90 minutes - 85 kilometers
Tourism peak season: TBD

Location highlights
Juvet Landscape Hotel.
The Valldalen valley road leading up to Trollstigen. 

Selected Filmography
Cave (2016)
Director: Henrik M Dahlsbakken
Production Company: FilmBros
Country: Norway

Ex Machina (2015)
Director: Alex Garland
Production Company: DNA Films, Universal Pictures
Country: United Kingdom / USA

Age of the Earth (2015) 
Director: Jörg Günler
Production Company: Studio Hamburg / ARD Degeto
Country: Germany