Norway introduces 25 percent rebate

The film incentive will be administered by Norwegian Film Institute in Bergen. 

Norway launches 25 percent rebate for international feature films and tv drama. The details of the incentive package is expected to be uncovered in November. 

Culture Minister Thorhild Widvey announced October 7 that she has allocated €5 million for the incentive, and a total film budget of €87 million– up 5% on 2015. -Norway has an abundance of unique filming locations, in addition to a professional and competent film industry, we have a rich cultural history, and a unique natural and cultural landscape. With the incentive scheme, we want to strengthen Norway's competitive advantage, said Widvey.

The film incentive will be administered from Bergen, the gateway to Norway's most spectacular film locations. 

The state budget also brings a consolidation and €1m increase to Norway's regional film funds. The incentive can be combined with the regional funds, making an attractive combo for international producers.

The Norwegian currency adds to Norway's new appeal as a filming location: Both $, £ and € have soared vs the krone, and are up 45, 40 and 30 percent respectively since 2012.