1st Incentive Deadline

The Norwegian Film Institute has announced that the incentive programme will go into effect on January 1st, when the online application form will be available on the institute's website. The first application deadline will be January 21st, and applications may be submitted in Norwegian or English. 

The main producer can apply for the incentive, but the grant recipient must be an audiovisual production company registered in the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises, established specifically for the production.

Applications will be reviewed by the Norwegian Film Institute's production advisors, and it is expected that funding decisions will be taken within 6 weeks of the application deadline. 

The grant amount may total up to 25% of Norwegian qualifying production expenditure. Costs which arise before the Norwegian Film Institute confirms receipt of the application, will not be approved. 

Photo by Sverre Hjørnevik / wwww.fjordnorway.com