Filming starts for Doll in the Ceiling

Norwegian psychodrama The Doll in the Ceiling (original title Dukken i taket) marks the feature debut of Kjersti G Steinsbø, and starts principal photography with DOP Anna Myking on September 15 in the beautiful village of Fjærland in the midst of the majestic Fjærlandsfjord.

The $2.6m (NOK16.4m) thriller will be made by producer Kristine Knudsen for the Bergen-based company Den Siste Skilling. The project has also secured Canadian and US partners. Canadian producer Paul Barkin (Alcina Pictures) co-producers, with US executive producer Lisa G Black of Garnet Girl. 

The Doll in the Ceiling is based on a novel by the popular Norwegian author Ingvar Ambjørnsen, best known for his Elling tetralogy, whose adaptation by Petter Næss went on to grab an Academy Award nomination for best foreign language film.

The story centres on a woman (Rebekka, 38) who seeks out her deceased sister’s rapist and embeds herself in his idyllic family to destroy his life. The cast stars Norwegian actress Siren Jørgensen in the lead as Rebekka with Frode Winther, Maria Bock, Anders Baasmo Christiansen and Trond Espen Seim.