Sunshine Superman: Documentary Co-Production

Sunshine Superman, Marah Strauch's debut feature documentary, will have it's world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival (September 4-14).

Sunshine Superman is produced by Strauch and Eric Bruggemann for Scissor Kick Films (US) with Academy Award winner Alex Gibney, Josh and Dan Braun as executive producers. 

Lars Løge from Bergen based Flimmer Film (NO) were brought on as a Norwegian co-producer. Lars Løge secured co-production support from Norwegian Film Institute (approx $175.000), co-financing from regional film funds Fuzz ($120.000) and Filmkraft ($64.000) and production support from Western Norway Film Centre ($24.000). 

Sunshine Superman tells the story of Carl Boenish who pioneered and popularized the activity of BASE jumping (jumping from fixed objects with a parachute). Carl married Jean Campbell and together they travelled to Norway in 1984 to jump from the cliffs of Trollveggen. Against the backdrop of the midnight sun, tragedy strikes.

Carl Boenish, himself an avid cinematographer, meticulously documented his groundbreaking stunts on 16mm film. Sunshine Superman uses this unique personal archive, as well as recreations shot in the majestic, and frigthening mountain surroundings of Åndalsnes in Western Norway. 

Sunshine Superman is an interesting case study, proving that Norway can be a fertile ground for international documentary makers, creatively, technically and financially: Norwegian talents were brought in both behind and in front of camera, especially for the stunt and aerial sequences, featuring wingsuit flyers Jokke Sommer and Tom Erik Heimen, and aerial DP Peter Degerfeldt for the Norwegian specialists Magic Air. Mixing was done at Oslo based Storyline Studios, and the renowned composer John Erik Kaada was tapped to score.

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Director Marah Strauch on the project's first tour to Norway for location survey and financing talks. The tour was hosted by Western Norway Film Commission.