Studio Hamburg Shooting in Sunnmøre

Director Jörg Günler and his team from Studio Hamburg and Norwegian production service company Frost Media, have begun shooting on the ARD drama Unter die Eis, based on a screenplay by Silke Zertz. The filming takes place in the majestic and fascinating landscape of Sunnmøre and the municipalities of Norddal, Valldal, Geiranger and Ålesund. Filming is expected to be completed June 11th. 

Unter die Eis is a Studio Hamburg production for ARD Degeto and Das Erste. The film stars among others David Rott, Henry Hübchen, Renate Krössner, Lucas Prisor, Julia Hartmann, Friederike Linke, Annika Blendl and Andrews Windhuis. The film is produced by Sabine Timmermann for Studio Hamburg, and Stefan Kruppa and Sascha Schwi

The shoot began with a demanding stunt sequence, shot on top of the Store Brekketind at 1200 meters / 4000 feets altitude.