February: Featured location

Fjærland Glacier Museum is one of the most notable buildings by the Norwegian architect Sverre Fehn, and is majestically situated in Fjærland with views to its many glaciers; Bøyabreen, Suphellebreen and others. Sverre Fehn won both the Pritzker Architecture Prize and the Heinrich Tessenow Gold Medal for the Glacier Museum.

The museum is closed for the public in the winter season (November, December, January, February, March), making it a good time for both exterior and interior filming. Exteriors are available year-round, extensive interior shoots only in off season. The high season runs from late May to late September.

By agreement with the Museum's film friendly management.

3.5 km from nearest hotel.
30 km from Sogndal town.
55 km from Sogndal airport.