Attractive Exchange Rate

The Norwegian Kroner (NOK) is plummeting against the dollar, pound and euro, driving a massive production cost drop.  

As of November 19th 2015, one euro now gives you 9.25 Norwegian kroner, up over 25% over the last three-four years. The US dollar has performed even better, up by 65% in 4 years, from a low 5.25 to 8.65. The British pound has experienced a similar journey: One pound now gives you 13.20 kroner, up 50% from 8.5.

The Norwegian krone is in its weakest position in more than a decade. 

Norway’s spectacular landscape, with its fjords, mountains, glaciers, and scenic roads, has been its major draw for international producers. The lower value of the currency, combined with the new 25% reimbursement programme, now adds to Norway’s appeal as a filming location.

Norwegian crews are budget-minded and efficient, they can turn on a dime and are used to working on international sets. Shooting in Norway is a hassle-free experience – everyone speaks English, and from the mayor to the local residents, everyone welcomes film productions.