Osborne visiting Norway

Barrie M. Osborne visited Norway on a familiarisation trip this week, hosted by Western Norway Film Commission, Film Commission Norway, Filmkraft and Innovation Norway.

Osborne, whose credits include "Lord of the RIngs" and more recently Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of "The Great Gatsby", visited Norway with a project about Harald Hardrada, the last great Viking king.

A large-scale shoot will require government support, so Osborne also met with Minister of Trade and Commerce, Trond Giske, to discuss the conditions for international film productions in Norway.

Osborne envisions a similar structure as "Lord of the Rings": -There is so much to tell about Harald that it does not fit in one movie, Osborne said. -We need to create a trilogy. It will have the same structure as "Lord of the Rings", where the hero travels through many countries and kingdoms. If you are going to get a big movie shot in a country, it is essential that the authorities in the country help.

Norwegian history has already found success on the small screen with History Channel’s Vikings, which uses generous filming incentives on location in Ireland.