Norway and Netherlands: Documentary co-production scheme

The Netherlands Film Fund and the Norwegian Film Institute will co-produce up to six feature documentaries between 2014 and 2016. Three minority Dutch and three minority Norwegian co-productions can get co-production funding from the minority producer's country up to a maximum of €50.000.

The minority producer must be responsible for a minimum of 10% of the total financing of the project. Eligible projects must have received majority funding based on artistic assessment by the national film fund concerned (Netherlands Film Fund or Norwegian Film Institute). The projects must have a minimum length of 60 minutes, and a secured audience in the minority producer's country, but not necessarily through a cinema release. Projects selected can get up to 10% of the co-production funding for project development and preproduction by the minor producer.

The selection criteria are:
-benefits for the national documentary field in general
-credible future cooperation between the producers
-use of national talent preferably both creative and technical
-minority country spending
-the artistic potential of its concept and story

Says Bjørn Arne Odden, Senior Advisor Production at the Norwegian Film Institute: “This is an important step for the Norwegian documentary industry to further open up for co-production and for the visibility of Norwegian documentaries in the Netherlands, Europe and the world. We consider the Netherlands as being one of the leading countries worldwide in both producing and promoting documentary films and we therefore believe that this agreement will be beneficial for the industries in both countries.”

Says Doreen Boonekamp, CEO of Netherlands Film Fund: “This agreement is a logical step in the ongoing collaboration with our Scandinavian counterparts. We want to stimulate filmmakers from both countries to seek theatrical release of their films. The Netherlands Film Fund has recently modified its regulations to enable this. Their effort is required to reach maximum audiences theatrically, on TV and beyond.”

Documentary companies in Western Norway

Western Norway has a strong group of documentary companies producing feature documentaries and documentary series for national and international broadcasters.