Gunnar Vikene starts shooting

Shooting begins today on Mer Film's feature film "Her er Harold" (English title tbc), directed by Gunnar Vikene and produced by Maria Ekerhovd.

The film stars Bjørn Sundquist in the lead, with Björn Granath, Fanny Ketter, Vidar Magnussen and Grethe Selius completing the cast. Shooting will take place in Bergen and in Norrbotten, Sweden.

All their lives, Harold and Marny have been running their furniture shop in Bergen, and Harold has made it a point of honour to deliver high quality furniture. When IKEA opens a new store in Åsane, Harold is forced to shut down his business. In addition, Marny is severely affected by advanced Alzheimer’s disease. Harold is bankrupt in every sense, but has kept it a secret for his surroundings. Everything is lost. He attempts to set fire to himself and the premises, but fails. Bringing a gun, Harold drives to a Sweden in the silent grip of winter, in order to kidnap IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad in the tiny village of Almhult. Here he picks up a tough tomboy, Ebba who thinks his kidnapping plans are super cool. Eventually Harold realizes that there is still hope in life, with support from Ebba – and perhaps also partly from Kamprad.