Norwegian Film Institute is the main film financing body in Norway, and operates both automatic and selective funding programmes. 

The Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) is the main film financing body in Norway, operating under the auspices of the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Culture. NFI has a variety of funding programmes for the development and production of feature films, tv drama, documentaries and games, totalling about €50 million. 

Funding is available for foreign productions destined for theatrical release, in which a Norwegian producer participates as a minority co-producer. Funding can be granted for up to 50% of the Norwegian part of the budget, in a range from €100.000 - €500.000. All funding is non-recoupable, and approximately €1.5 million is available for minority co-productions per annum.

The Norwegian Film Institute also administers funding for documentary productions, as well as the 25% film incentive

1 co-produce

Applications for funding must be submitted by the Norwegian minority producer. The project must be acknowledged as a cultural product in the country of the main producer, and pass a Cultural Test

2 Apply

Norwegian Film Institute has two annual deadlines for the co-production programme, in February and in September. 

The volume of support will be determined based on the Norwegian spend and on the share of other Norwegian investment.


Norwegian Film Institute will consider the a) long-term plans for co-operation between the producers, b) use of Norwegian talent and c) use of Norwegian production services. Priority will be given to projects with a strong artistic potential, and/or a recognised potential in the Norwegian market. 

Focus countries are A) Denmark, Sweden, France, Netherlands and Germany, and B) Finland, Iceland, Baltics, BeNeLux, Canada, England, Ireland, Poland and USA.


Co-productions are eligible to apply for ex post support for up to a total of 50% of the Norwegian budget, calculated on the basis of ticket sales in Norway. The income bonus kicks in when a minimum of 10 000 admissions in Norwegian theatres is reached. Co-productions can also apply for marketing support from the Norwegian Film Institute.

Cultural Test

This is for guidance use only. Please consult with your Norwegian co-producer and/or with Norwegian Film Institute for the authoritative text. 

1 Producer and Distributor Criteria

Majority Producer's Background 0 - 2 points
(0 feature credits: 0 points, 1 - 3 credits: 1 point, 4 credits: 2 points)

Minority (Norwegian) Producer's Background 0 - 2 points
(0 feature credits: 0 points, 1 - 3 credits: 1 point, 4 credits: 2 points)

Producers' Previous Collaboration 0 - 3 points
(First project: 0 points, 1 project: 1, 2 - 4 projects: 2, 5 or more; 3)

Norwegian Distributor 0 - 3 points
(Letter of Intent: 1 point, Deal Memo: 2, MG and/or Investment: 3)

Norwegian broadcaster 0 - 2 points
(Letter of Intent: 1 point, Presale: 2 points)

1 Total (minimum 3 points)

2 Creative Criteria

Screenwriter 3 points

Director 3 points

DOP / Cinematographer 2 points

Production Designer / Art Director 1 point

Editor 2 points

Sound Designer 1 point

Composer 1 point

Other Heads of Departments (1 per person, maximum 3 points) 

Cast 0 - 3 points
(At least 5 days: 1 point, 6+ days: 2 points, Main cast: 3 points)

2 Total (minimum 4 points)

3 Technical Criteria

Studio 0 - 2 points
(Up to 5 days: 1 point, 6+ days: 2 points)

Location 0 - 3 points
(Up to 5 days: 1 point, 6-10 days: 2 points, 10+ days: 3 points)

Sound (including mix) 0 - 2 points

VFX 0 - 2 points 

Lab 0 - 2 points 

3 Total (minimum 3 points)

TOTAL SCORE (minimum 10 points)

Contact Information

Lars Løge, Head of Production Funding
+47 22 47 45 00
Dronningens gate 16, 0152 Oslo