Both national and regional funding programmes support and finance documentaries with a minority Norwegian co-producer. 

Western Norway has a strong, prolific and creative documentary scene, producing documentary series and theatrical releases for the domestic and international market.

Three public funds are available, depending on how you structure the co-production. Western Norway has several post production and vfx companies, as well as many talented composers, which often form the basis of minority co-productions.

Western Norway Film Centre

If you have a co-producer based in Western Norway, you can apply for production grants (non-recoupable) from Western Norway Film Centre. Applications will be reviewed based on the artistic quality and the regional effect, and there are 4 annual application deadlines. Co-productions are evaluated together with the regional projects, within the same budget. Recent minority co-productions supported by Western Norway Film Centre includes Kinshasa Makambo (NOK 190.000 / approx €20.000) and Wild Relatives (NOK 150.000 / approx €15.000). Production grants are typically in the region of €20.000 - €50.000.


If you have a production or post-production spend in Western Norway, and you are aiming for a theatrical release - and your documentary has a market potential in Norway, your Norwegian co-producer can apply for support also from the regional film fund Zefyr

Norwegian Film Institute

If you aim to release theatrically in Norway, you can apply for co-production funding from Norwegian Film Institute through a Norwegian minority co-producer. A deal memo with a Norwegian distributor is required.

It is also possible to obtain co-production funding for documentary productions not intended for theatrical release. The application will be evaluated on a rolling basis by one of the documentary commissioners at the Norwegian Film Institute, and the annual budget is approximately NOK 3 million.

For more information, please have a look at Norwegian Film Institute's funding programs.

25% Reimbursement

If the budget is above NOK 10 million for feature documentaries - or NOK 5 million per episode for documentary series, you may meet the eligibility criteria for the 25% reimbursement programme, administered by Norwegian Film Institute. The reimbursement program combines with support from the regional film centre and the regional funds, but not with the co-production support from the Norwegian Film Institute.