Eidfjord is located in the traditional district of Hardanger, situated at the end of the Eidfjorden, an inner branch of Hardangerfjorden.

With a population of approximately 900, Eidfjord punches way above its weight as a production location, and has a compelling track record as a location for international and domestic feature films, commercials and tv productions. The municipality has a variety of unique locations, and provides an environment that is welcoming to filming.

Useful Information
Population: Approximately 900
Hotel beds / Accommodation capacity: 1463
Distance to Bergen: 2h15m - 2h30m
Distance to Oslo: 4h30m - 5h00m
Tourism peak season: June, July and August

Location highlights
Måbødalen canyon with its serpentine, twisting, cliff hanging road.
Hjølmodalen serpentine road, with spectacular waterfalls Vedalsfossen and Berdølo.
Vøringsfossen waterfall, 182 meters (597 feet) free fall.
Hardangervidda mountain plateau and mountain road, snow-clad from January through May.
Dyranut mountain lodge.
Sysendammen Dam, 1161 meters long and 81 meters high.
Kjeåsen mountain farm, an eagle's nest on a mountain ledge above the Simadalsfjord.
Simadalen valley and Skytjefossen waterfall.