Film Friendly Offer

Eidfjord provides cross-sectoral support for the logistics of filmmaking, and will go the extra distance to ensure that the needs of filmmakers are prioritised in order to make the experience of filmmaking in Eidfjord as straightforward as possible. 

In return is expected that the producers provide Eidfjord with credits, exposure, promotional material and opportunities. A collaborative process to identify joint opportunities is expected.

Possible Support (to be Negotiated)

Eidfjord is able to provide substantial support for projects that bring in a significant local spend, and/or a potential for destination marketing.

Buildings and Facilities
Cinema and projectionist (81 seats, suitable for dailies et.c).
Eidfjord Samfunnshus and Fritidssenteret i Øvre Eidfjord: Community centres suitable for production offices, costume and make up, storage, including a 350 sqm room.
Nils Bergslien's Residence - a beautiful wooden house with a spectacular fjord view. Suitable as a location, as a residence for key talent, et.c. 
Electricity in municipal buildings.

Location Services
Parking spaces, garbage disposal, electric supply, mobile toilets, et.c.
Assistance clearing film permits, identifying land owners, et.c. 
Liaising with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration et.c. 

Human Resources
Ongoing support from key staff at the municipality and the tourism board.

Extras Casting
Assistance organising casting and auditions.

Community Relations
Contacts to local businesses such as construction companies, transportation companies, snow plowing, snow mobiles, mountaineers, hotels and accommodations, catering, et.c.

June, July and August is peak tourism season in Eidfjord with high occupancy rates, and a busy season for the municipality.